Bitcoin raises again and again!


After the huge ransomeware cyber attack,  everyone come to know about bicoin all over the word.  But these kind of illegal activities will not drag down the popularity of bitcoin anymore.  As of today, the price of a single bitcoin is worth above 1800$. It clearly  proves the power of bitcoin.

So instead of talking about the bad side of bitcoin, why not we try to utilize its bright sides? Bitcoin provides many facilities and powerful access to start a successful bitcoin business online! …..


Read out the more interesting details here!

For more business inquiries :


Bitdeal services: 

  • p2p lending platform
  • crowd funding  platform
  • Escrow application
  • Faucet application
  • Forum application
  • Gambling application

Bitdeal solutions

  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Wallet & payment solution
  • E-currency exchange



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