The Reason Behind The Success Of LocalBitcoins

Hope you know local bitcoins, one of a very popular cryptocurrency exchange Located In Finland. The exchange has a very huge success and the n expanded it services to various countries. The continuous success of local bitcoins have helped it to attain a very huge trade volume. But, the success is not an instant, it … Continue reading The Reason Behind The Success Of LocalBitcoins

Blockchain Technology In Railways

Challenges In Railway Industry Though the railway is a transportation industry, it plays a dual role, one as a revenue generator and another one as economy influencer.  Since rail networks are the gateway for passengers from other countries and other states, the entire system has to ben more secure to avoid the terrorist entry, and … Continue reading Blockchain Technology In Railways

Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

Supply Chain Blockchain Development Bringing blockchain technology in supply chain will draw us a secured and integrated way to maintain the details of the goods, and other information under a distributed decentralized ledger.  One of the most notable security features of blockchain is, once the data is stored, then it can’t be changed or forged … Continue reading Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

Top 5 Reasons To Start a Bitcoin Exchange in 2020

Disadvantages of Not Starting a Crypto Exchange in 2020 If you are  failing or neglecting to start a cryptocurrency exchange then you will lose a big pot luck. Now let me explain, are those things you will lose  if you fail to start a crypto exchange in 2020. What Will You Lose If You Don’t … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons To Start a Bitcoin Exchange in 2020

India plan towards implementing National Blockchain Framework

According to an article published on coindesk, India has been initiated to deploy blockchain framework, for county wise adoption of blockchain use cases in many industries. Sanjay Dhotre, The Minister of state for electronics and IT, said that the government is drafting an document towards, and with this dhotre has addressed the questions raised by … Continue reading India plan towards implementing National Blockchain Framework

What are Perpetual Contracts in Bitcoin Trading?

Perpetual Futures Contracts Perpetual which means - Never Ending, so there is no expiry date. As Said above,  Perpetual Contracts are the advanced derivative of conventional futures contracts, whereas it doesn’t have any specific expiry date so that the buyer or seller can hold their assets/position as long as they choose. In other words, one can … Continue reading What are Perpetual Contracts in Bitcoin Trading?

Initial Coin Offering Services | ICO Services

We, bitdeal a reputed ICO development company in India, have extended our Initial Coin Offering Services to various countries by focusing every part of the ICO, like smart contract development, token development, white paper creation, ICO marketing Services, and ICO Consulting services and so on.  Initial Coin Offering Services : A business to business services that cover all … Continue reading Initial Coin Offering Services | ICO Services

Blockchain Development Services In India

We, Bitdeal - A blockchain development company originated at India, to provide blockchain development services inside the country by favoring various blockchain initiatives and tech startups. Then, our successful journey on providing unbelievable quality of blockchain development services has let us to expand our blockchain development services in various countries including USA, UK, UAE, Malta, South Korea, … Continue reading Blockchain Development Services In India

What Is Trezor?

Trezor - The First Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet, which has derived a way for next-generation cryptocurrency wallets to come live. This article is going to be a complete step by step user guide for Trezor hardware cryptocurrency wallet and could explore you a lot of interesting information regarding Trezor.  Contents What is Trezor Wallet? Trezor Wallet TypesTrezor Wallet T Vs Trezor … Continue reading What Is Trezor?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company In Singapore Bitdeal - the preeminent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company widen around Singapore, offers the best cryptocurrency exchange development services worldwide. The cryptocurrency market is growing all over the world but especially in Singapore, it is reaching a greater height. Do you have any idea about it? Yes, Singapore is one of the potential marketplaces in the world which gives … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company In Singapore