Blockchain Technology In Railways

Challenges In Railway Industry Though the railway is a transportation industry, it plays a dual role, one as a revenue generator and another one as economy influencer.  Since rail networks are the gateway for passengers from other countries and other states, the entire system has to ben more secure to avoid the terrorist entry, and … Continue reading Blockchain Technology In Railways

India plan towards implementing National Blockchain Framework

According to an article published on coindesk, India has been initiated to deploy blockchain framework, for county wise adoption of blockchain use cases in many industries. Sanjay Dhotre, The Minister of state for electronics and IT, said that the government is drafting an document towards, and with this dhotre has addressed the questions raised by … Continue reading India plan towards implementing National Blockchain Framework

Blockchain Development Company In US, UK, Brazil

Bitdeal a leading and monopoly blockchain development company, covering 100+ international countries Including the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Korea, and Japan to serve for the potential clients who are enthusiastic about implementing blockchain technology for their real-life use cases. We have gained our brand reputation through implementing the blockchain as a service (BaaS) for businesses to improve their quality … Continue reading Blockchain Development Company In US, UK, Brazil

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 blockchain in industry 4.0 The term Industrie 4.0 was firstly announced at Hannover fair In  2011, by a group of representatives from different fields to accomplish the German Federal Government move towards High Tech Strategy of 2020. Industry 4.0 is a term that defines the concept of the "smart factory" along with the growth of Industrial technologies (i.e)Industrial internet of things(IIoT) via automation, interconnectivity, Machine … Continue reading What is Industry 4.0?

Blockchain Technology in Artficial Intelligence

We know blockchain - a legendary technology of this current era, is leading the role of revamping major industries and technology platforms. Hence blockchain is started to prove that it can explore its force in disrupting the AI technology. Since AI and blockchain are majorly deals with data management, this pair of technology can tie … Continue reading Blockchain Technology in Artficial Intelligence

Blokchain Plays a Vital Role In Health Industry

HOW BLOCKCHAIN COULD SUPPORT HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY?  First of all let’s see what all the challenges are in health care industry, and how Blockchain could resolve it. There are several challenges, but the main challenge of a hospital or healthcare sector is maintaing the data’s. So based on this maintaining the data challenge the following SIX … Continue reading Blokchain Plays a Vital Role In Health Industry

Blockchain Technology for Future startups!

Start,Run And Grow Your Online Business With Blockchain Technology The only technology which has huge potential to disrupt the entire online industry and enterprises across the globe is “Blockchain technology”. Irrespective of the business type this groundbreaking technology helps business people to enhance their business with more security and also to symbolize it as a … Continue reading Blockchain Technology for Future startups!

What is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Website?

  A decentralized exchange is an exchange portal which does not depend on any other third party services to control the customer's digital funds. Here the trading happens directly between user to user and there is no work for admin to manage the funds. And  the traders don't need to deposit their funds into admin … Continue reading What is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Website?

Why bitcoin price often fluctuates?

  Bitcoin the term now started to rule the entire finance industry. The success strategy behind the bitcoin growth is it fluctuates hugely with its price. Yes when compare to the last two year, bitcoin has gained 10x growth as of now, For example see the below image Why bitcoin price often falls and rises?  … Continue reading Why bitcoin price often fluctuates?

Token and smart contract – You don’t need to have a technical stuff to create it!

Everyone out there things that, to create their own crypto token they must need a technical stuff. But, it is not true, you can create token on your own with no more struggles. Bitdeal the empire of cryptocurrency business solutions welcomes you with warm hands.   The team of experts can support you to create … Continue reading Token and smart contract – You don’t need to have a technical stuff to create it!