What is the benefits of providing White-label format with your bitcoin exchange business?

bitdeal a white label bitcoin exchange software solution for bitcoin business startups


Blockchain Development Company In US, UK, Brazil

Bitdeal a leading and monopoly blockchain development company, covering 100+ international countries Including the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Korea, and Japan to serve for the potential clients who are enthusiastic about implementing blockchain technology for their real-life use cases. We have gained our brand reputation through implementing the blockchain as a service (BaaS) for businesses to improve their quality … Continue reading Blockchain Development Company In US, UK, Brazil

ICO On Tezos : How To Launch

We had a brief discussion in the previous article about why tezos will be the future of ICO's, by going back to the history and evolvement of Initial coin offerings.  Now, we are going to discuss the same concept is somewhat technical. Tezos Blockchain Tezos is the first on-chain governance blockchain network that works based on … Continue reading ICO On Tezos : How To Launch

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 blockchain in industry 4.0 The term Industrie 4.0 was firstly announced at Hannover fair In  2011, by a group of representatives from different fields to accomplish the German Federal Government move towards High Tech Strategy of 2020. Industry 4.0 is a term that defines the concept of the "smart factory" along with the growth of Industrial technologies (i.e)Industrial internet of things(IIoT) via automation, interconnectivity, Machine … Continue reading What is Industry 4.0?

ICO Development Company

ICO - A crowdfunding methodology that has helped many crypto startups, and businesses to raise capital funds in the early 2017 to 2018.  But some of the discrepancies made by unregulated ICO launches, has created a bad impact on ICO Launches, and then tech people tried to resolve the security loop holes in initial coin … Continue reading ICO Development Company

Centralized Vs Decentralized Exchanges

Hope you all know that cryptocurrency exchanges are the only medium to buy/sell bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies. We can classify this cryptocurrency exchanges as below. Classifications of Cryptocurrency Exchanges 1.Centralized Exchange 2.Decentralized exchanges3.Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges Centralized cryptocurrency Exchanges Any cryptocurrency exchange website which has a central authority (i.e) admin to control the trading activity is … Continue reading Centralized Vs Decentralized Exchanges

Blockchain Technology in Artficial Intelligence

We know blockchain - a legendary technology of this current era, is leading the role of revamping major industries and technology platforms. Hence blockchain is started to prove that it can explore its force in disrupting the AI technology. Since AI and blockchain are majorly deals with data management, this pair of technology can tie … Continue reading Blockchain Technology in Artficial Intelligence

How Blockchain Works In IOT

How blockchain can be used in IoT? Though blockchain is made for transmitting the bitcoin transactions, its main focus is to share data across a closed network. The most notable benefits of blockchain are, any data on blockchain will be tamper-proof, secure, and authentic too. In another side, the success of IoT depends on securing … Continue reading How Blockchain Works In IOT

Private Blockchain Development Services

The Last two years was a phenomenon combo for the growth of blockchain technology not only in India. By realizing the immense benefit of this ever growing decentralized technology, many businesses even the government sector also started to utilize this distributed ledger technology for further enhancement on business accountability. transparency & high level security. Blockchain … Continue reading Private Blockchain Development Services

The Success Of Cryptokitties Will Inspire You to Build a dapp Similar to it!

What is Cryptokitties? Cryptokitties is an ethereum based dapp which is made up of a game nature, where anyone can buy, sell and breed charming virtual cats and kitties in exchange of ethereum. This dapp run on ethereum blockchain which is launched on November 28, 2017, by a Canada based software company Axiom Zen Inc. Source … Continue reading The Success Of Cryptokitties Will Inspire You to Build a dapp Similar to it!