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Indian Bitcoin Marketplace Expected To Grow Further!

India is yet to be change into digital, progressive steps are already taken by the Indian prime minister. Demonetization process has played a lead role for Bitcoin to grow rapidly in India. and now the Indian public banking sector namely State Bank of India has announced new rules to make transactions. The rules are fully … Continue reading Indian Bitcoin Marketplace Expected To Grow Further!

Highlights of Bitcoin Exchange Platforms!

  Bitcoin - Digital form of fiat currencies.  We are  aware of bitcoins & the emergence of altcoins. But still there are lot of people not aware of what are the impact of bitcoin and how it will be beneficial . Let's discuss in shorter, Bitcoin has been invented to securing the money  in a … Continue reading Highlights of Bitcoin Exchange Platforms!

5 Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

As the technology grows, everything in this digital world will get transformed into new forms, Hence the normal currency system has been changed into the digital form, we call this transformation as the cryptocurrency. If you look back through last two years we could see the growth of cryptocurrency and now its spreaded all over … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

Why bitcoin will hit 1000$ in 2017?

We can strongly accept that 2016 was a good year for bitcoin networks! And particularly in the last few weeks, It has a tremendous growth in value. Yeah! A report says bitcoin has crossed 750$ in Just two weeks, Isn't a miracle! It clearly proves that the bitcoin circulation has increased among people. And bitcoin … Continue reading Why bitcoin will hit 1000$ in 2017?

Cryptocurrency Payment in Future

In cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is one of the top hottest to hit the modern world since the discovery of the mobile app. Current year, main investors have transferred cash into Bitcoin startups, and the conventional media lastly began paying attention. It’s important to note, that Bitcoin exchanges that operate in the U.S., collect personal identifying information from their users applicable bank account in order to establish their Bitcoin wallets. They have to in accordance with certain state and federal regulations. Want to know the reasons for acceptance of cryptocurrency payment?? Kindly read more @

Companies Looking for Alternative to Bitcoin

IBM, Wells Fargo and the London Stock Exchange Group along with  several other major companies aligned with the Linus Foundation on Thursday to create an  alternative to the blockchain, an online spreadsheet that supports the bitcoin currency and its  transactions. New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper said it’s the blockchain technology that’s got other interested. “The blockchain is what allows for bitcoin to move around different users of the system. It's increasingly thought of as the most  valuable part of bitcoin. This is the part of the bitcoin exchange technology that Wall Street is getting excited about, that central banks are getting really excited about. It’s a new type of financial network,” he said. Popper, the author of “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story  of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money,” said  that on the blockchain, bitcoin currency trading appears as a digital entry, and companies are seeing that other items can be written down as  entries. Read More @