Blockchain Technology In Railways

Challenges In Railway Industry Though the railway is a transportation industry, it plays a dual role, one as a revenue generator and another one as economy influencer.  Since rail networks are the gateway for passengers from other countries and other states, the entire system has to ben more secure to avoid the terrorist entry, and … Continue reading Blockchain Technology In Railways

India plan towards implementing National Blockchain Framework

According to an article published on coindesk, India has been initiated to deploy blockchain framework, for county wise adoption of blockchain use cases in many industries. Sanjay Dhotre, The Minister of state for electronics and IT, said that the government is drafting an document towards, and with this dhotre has addressed the questions raised by … Continue reading India plan towards implementing National Blockchain Framework

Blockchain Technology in Artficial Intelligence

We know blockchain - a legendary technology of this current era, is leading the role of revamping major industries and technology platforms. Hence blockchain is started to prove that it can explore its force in disrupting the AI technology. Since AI and blockchain are majorly deals with data management, this pair of technology can tie … Continue reading Blockchain Technology in Artficial Intelligence

How Blockchain Works In IOT

How blockchain can be used in IoT? Though blockchain is made for transmitting the bitcoin transactions, its main focus is to share data across a closed network. The most notable benefits of blockchain are, any data on blockchain will be tamper-proof, secure, and authentic too. In another side, the success of IoT depends on securing … Continue reading How Blockchain Works In IOT

Want the Best ICO Service Provider to Launch Your ICO?

ICO is a similar business process of crowdfunding or fundraising business models. Yes, In an ICO business website, contributors are allowing to buy digital tokens by using existing cryptocurrencies like BTC / ETH. And also can use fiat currencies. As a new business startup, you can improve your business by these raised funds in any … Continue reading Want the Best ICO Service Provider to Launch Your ICO?

Secured Cryptocurrency Exchange Script 2019

Creating a bitcoin exchange is not an easy task ever, this story continues in 2018 and beyond too. But the arrival of new bitcoin exchange script2019 version at bitdeal will clean sweep all the inconveniences in developing a secured bitcoin exchange website. Yes, we made some significant changes in our ever popular bitcoin exchange script. Bitdeal is Stepping in … Continue reading Secured Cryptocurrency Exchange Script 2019

Blockchain, ICO And Ethererum Smart Contract Development Services

Like so many business ideas in the blockchain industry, a common confusion which is called ‘smart contracts’. Yes….! A new trending technology that made possible by the public blockchains, smart contracts are little tough to understand because it partly confuses the core connection described in blockchain technology. What is Smart Contract? While a common contract represents … Continue reading Blockchain, ICO And Ethererum Smart Contract Development Services

Blokchain Plays a Vital Role In Health Industry

HOW BLOCKCHAIN COULD SUPPORT HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY?  First of all let’s see what all the challenges are in health care industry, and how Blockchain could resolve it. There are several challenges, but the main challenge of a hospital or healthcare sector is maintaing the data’s. So based on this maintaining the data challenge the following SIX … Continue reading Blokchain Plays a Vital Role In Health Industry

Don’t & Do’s While Start an ICO!

Before executing your ICO crowd sales you should satisfy the investor by exploring a meaningful concept(white paper) of your crypto project. If you made a single slip you will lose everything as many recent ico projects demonstrated. Dont’s are much important than Do’s To process through a safe and proper journey on your ICO launch, first, understand what … Continue reading Don’t & Do’s While Start an ICO!

Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Blockchain Development Team!

Before starting a Blockchain project, it is very important to decide whether to hire a dedicated Blockchain developer or a Blockchaindevelopment company. We accept It will be a very tough situation for an entrepreneur to make a decision, But the reality is, both of the choices have a lot of benefits over another. So, No matter … Continue reading Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Blockchain Development Team!