Bitcoin – The Complete winner of 2016!

Bitcoin, that nebulous virtual currency that trades in cyberspace and is "mined" by code-cracking computers, performed as a better  bet this year than other foreign-exchange trade, stock index and commodity contract. The electronic coin that trades and is regulated like oil and gold surged 79% since the start of 2016 to $778, its highest level … Continue reading Bitcoin – The Complete winner of 2016!


Bitcoin-An all New Asset Class!

  A new released white paper  says that bitcoins represent as a new asset class. And resulting from that everyone should consider this as diversifying investment option. Mr. Chris Burnsike, block chain analyst of ARK investment management Says that “Bitcoin is the lowest correlated asset class to other traditional asset classes”.     “It is the … Continue reading Bitcoin-An all New Asset Class!

4 Smart Ways To Give Bitcoin as a Christmas Gift!

So far bitcoins has faced a wonderful 2016. Bitcoin serves as a storage of value and medium of exchange . Because of this specific reason bitcoins are the perfect option to send as a gift. Yeah, there are a lot of possible ways are available there! Check out the details! Make a perfect gift on … Continue reading 4 Smart Ways To Give Bitcoin as a Christmas Gift!

Bitcoin Wallet – Security Measures!

As it comes in real life people want their wallets to more secure to keep their digital assets safer.Wallets will store the private keys when users want to access the bitcoins stored in the wallet for transaction. Different types of wallets are created in order to make it more protected. Hot wallet's(Online Wallet) are used … Continue reading Bitcoin Wallet – Security Measures!

Highlights of Bitcoin Exchange Platforms!

  Bitcoin - Digital form of fiat currencies.  We are  aware of bitcoins & the emergence of altcoins. But still there are lot of people not aware of what are the impact of bitcoin and how it will be beneficial . Let's discuss in shorter, Bitcoin has been invented to securing the money  in a … Continue reading Highlights of Bitcoin Exchange Platforms!

Bitcoin Vs Altcoins

“Bitcoin might revolutionize more than money or economics. It could transform the role and nature of government” – Leon Louw Bitcoin is the lead player In cryptocurrency exchange market.  After the arrival of bitcoins, There were several altcoins has born. But still nothing has reached a specific position to beat bitcoin growth. Altcoins are still in … Continue reading Bitcoin Vs Altcoins

Factors about Bitcoin Exchange networks!

“Bitcoin is the most important investment of the world since the Internet “ - Roger Ver A best trader should have a broad knowledge about how bitcoins are works and what couldn't changed in the bitcoin network. How bitcoins are controlled? Bitcoin is controlled by all Bitcoin clients around the globe. While engineers are enhancing … Continue reading Factors about Bitcoin Exchange networks!

5 Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

As the technology grows, everything in this digital world will get transformed into new forms, Hence the normal currency system has been changed into the digital form, we call this transformation as the cryptocurrency. If you look back through last two years we could see the growth of cryptocurrency and now its spreaded all over … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

Why Bitcoin Trading Blooming Everywhere?

  The Africa's biggest digital currency exchange BitX reports that the price of a bitcoin has reached $1250 on November 21, 2016. But the global value of a bitcoin is about $740 at the same time the price were increased between 10% to 20% in India only. That is about 899$ according to November 24, … Continue reading Why Bitcoin Trading Blooming Everywhere?

Why bitcoin will hit 1000$ in 2017?

We can strongly accept that 2016 was a good year for bitcoin networks! And particularly in the last few weeks, It has a tremendous growth in value. Yeah! A report says bitcoin has crossed 750$ in Just two weeks, Isn't a miracle! It clearly proves that the bitcoin circulation has increased among people. And bitcoin … Continue reading Why bitcoin will hit 1000$ in 2017?