What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0

blockchain in industry 4.0

The term Industrie 4.0 was firstly announced at Hannover fair In  2011, by a group of representatives from different fields to accomplish the German Federal Government move towards High Tech Strategy of 2020. 

Industry 4.0 is a term that defines the concept of the “smart factory” along with the growth of Industrial technologies (i.e)Industrial internet of things(IIoT) via automation, interconnectivity, Machine Learning, real-time data processing, and digitization. It defines how our society and industries can grow up with the new kind of technologies to enable efficient data exchange, faster, flexible, efficient, smart manufacturing methodology to meet the mass production of high-quality goods with reduced Costs.

If I4.0 becomes true, It would create a better-interconnected ecosystem where everything about an industrial process will become transparent, which will help us to make pre-informed decision making on segments which the processing methodology has to be optimized.

In another way, we could define industry 4.0 is the concept of factories where machines and human ideas can be connected into a system via wireless system and sensors where we can monitor the entire production process and can make a better decision on it. It allows changing the way industry responding to the needs of a common man or a society. 

By all these definitions you could understand that the essence of the fourth industrial revolution is mainly gonna favor the manufacturing and supply chain industry via automation, efficient data exchange through cyber physical systems, IoT, Big Data, Cloud computing, IIOT, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Industry 4.0

Reference : bcg.com

Now let us Have a look at the previous industrial revolutions, then we could get an idea of why Industry 4.0 becomes the hot talk on the internet?.

History of Industrial Revolutions

History of Industrial Revolutions

Ref: cleverism.com

Industry 1.0 – The First Industrial Revolution

Time period: 18th Century ( Approximately 1760 – 1840)

During this period Manufacturing has been evolved from hand production methods and labor work is done with animals to the better-optimized labor work done with machines powered by water and steam. This is the era when machines started to replicate the work done with humans and animals. During this period, many labors lost their jobs as machines started to replace their work.  In this period, the term “Factory” become more popular, and the most notable industries that benefited a lot are, Textile industry, agriculture, iron production, and mining industry.

Industry 2.0 – The Second Industrial Revolution

Time Period – 19th Century (1870-1914)

The Period of modern production powered with factory electrification. During this period water and steam energy have been started to replace by electrical power.  Also, this period is better known for the introduction of railroads, and telegraphs. 

Industry 3.0 – The Third Industrial Revolution

Time Period – 20 th Century ( approximately between 1930 – 1970)

This Period is known as the Scientific and technical revolution, This started to begin after the two world wars. During this period supercomputer has been invented, after that the use and mass adoption of computers started to grow inside the industries. This is the time where machines started to evolve from analog into the digital one.

Industry 4.0 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Time Period  – (1975- Present )

We are currently in the early period of Fourth industrial revolution, that is called the digital revolution. We are living in the era of Machines started to communicate with each other via a  network known as IoT (Internet Of things) and with People Known as Internet Of People (IoP)

Industry 4.0 initiated to foster the idea “smart factory“. The component of modular structured smart factories and cyber-physical systems would help us to make a virtual copy of the real world and can make decentralized decisions on it. 

Check out below article to know, how Industry 4.0 can become true along with the implementation of blockchain technology.

Originally Published Article : Blockchain In Industry 4.0

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