Private Blockchain Development Services

The Last two years was a phenomenon combo for the growth of blockchain technology not only in India. By realizing the immense benefit of this ever growing decentralized technology, many businesses even the government sector also started to utilize this distributed ledger technology for further enhancement on business accountability. transparency & high level security.

Blockchain Evolution

We all know literally there is only one blockchain technology that bitcoin relies, but as the technology started to branch in many directions and niches, a punch of blockchain network have been emerged with different use cases. The mot notable blockchains are

  1. Ethereum
  2. EOS
  3. TRON
  4. Bitshares
  5. Waves

then cosmos, corda, LISK, DAG, Minter, Aeternity have arrived. All these blockhain network are came with different usecases and to favor different industries.

For example, TRON Is made fore creating a decentralized entertainment network, so in future most of the songs, films and online games will be get from this kind of blockhains only.

All these blockchains are created for specific industry, and niche areas. So, if we create a blockhain for our own organization or for business, means it will considered as a private blockchain.

Private blockchain development

Leveraging an existing blockchain, and incorporating its functionality features for a business or organization with proper design, development and deployment will be known as private blockchain development

What bitdeal can afford for you?

We at bitdeal focuses on enriching business with ever growing blockchain technology. We help enterpries and startups to leverage any kind of blockchain like Ethereum, EOS, Tron and so on. Our expert blockchain consulting team can suggest you what type of blockchain implementation can best suits for your based on your given business portfolio or requirements.

We have around 70+ expert blockchain developers, and can hire our dedicated resources for hourly and monthly basis for offshore development. Also we give another option for our clients to hire our entire dedicated blockchain development Team.

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