Blokchain Plays a Vital Role In Health Industry



First of all let’s see what all the challenges are in health care industry, and how Blockchain could resolve it.

There are several challenges, but the main challenge of a hospital or healthcare sector is maintaing the data’s. So based on this maintaining the data challenge the following SIX FACTS are found to be the risk factors that are faced by a hospital management.

1. Meeting the HIPAA Compliance 

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) is a government regulations, it is a set of security rules. Every hospital have a separate data management system and that data’s should be accessible for medical practitioners, clinic, diagnosticians, Pharmacists and other medical specialists.  So that data management should be meet the HIPAA for EHR(electronic health records)

2. Mobile Computing

This is just digitizing the patient record via secured manner. By this way we could eliminated the manual entry, and the errors made by which.

3. Patient Data Sharing ( Data breach)

4. Preventing the Insider Data Breach

5. The lack of integration between administration and clinical data’s

6. Lack of operational and tracking analytics talents

From the above explored points we could disclose that “maintaining data in health care eco system requires a back paining effort”


By capitalizing this immense technology in health care system, experts predict that Health Information exchanges (HIE) will be more secured, efficient, manageable, and also interoperable. The technology used to achieve this goal is private Blockchain implementation ( i.e) Permssioned Blockchain- only authorized people can access data.  This kind of Blockchain based system will reduce the frictions and cost for intermediaries involved in medical data exchanges. Here is the list of goals that we can achieve with the help of Blockchain technology

1. Data Provenance and integrity

2. Data Security

3. Data Transparency

4. Drug Traceability

5. Easy to maintain Electronic Health Records( EHR)

6. Patient Data Management

7. Easy to maintain the SCM of Medical accessories

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How Blockchain Technology Supports Healthcare Industry

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