Top 3 Profit Making Bitcoin Business Plans!

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The life of a cryptocurrency consists of three different stages,

  1. Finding or Generating 2. Introducing to the market 3. Exchanging with a market value.

It is for you to decide, In which life segment you are going to contribute as an entrepreneur.

Technical life stages of a cryptocurrency,

1.Mining  2. ICO  3. Exchange Or trading.

#1 Bitcoin Mining Business:

Helping the people to plant their crypto seed in the land of cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin mining is the initial stage for a cryptocurrency, through which it enters into the digital network. The Actual process here is,

1. Solving a math algorithm and which results in the birth of new cryptocurrency.
2. Registering the new arrival on its own blockchain.

Here you may ask “Where is the business opportunity for me?”

After witnessing the growth of bitcoin, many people showing their interest to mine their own crypto coins. As a businessman you can help them to mine their own cryptocurrencies.

“Countries like Vietnam are now started to welcome bitcoin as a legal currency, so people in Vietnam hurry to import their own bitcoin mining rigs. “

#2 ICO — Initial coin offering

ICO’s eventually plays a dual role in the crypto industry, first one is helping the startups to raise funds for their crypto projects, and the next one is introducing the new cryptocurrency to traders and ask themselves to invest in it.

After understanding the worth of ICO’s Many startups are initiated to raise funds for their crypto projects. And the next one is a masterpiece….

#3 Exchange or cryptocurrency trading business

You may be a trader already, but this concept is not in the focus of pushing you into the trading market as just a trader. Instead, you’re going to create a market for your business.

You may be experienced how to do bitcoin trading, but just like you there are millions of people arriving into the industry every day in the eager to do trade with bitcoins.

This is the time for you to convert all your trading experience as your business skills.

Hope you have found out the interesting 3 bitcoin business opportunities!

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