Advanced Bitcoin Exchange Script with ICO Solutions!

bitcoin exchange script-bitdeal

Why to integrate ICO business with your Bitcoin exchange script ?

First of all, bitdeal wants to clear that,

Every crypto business will make a conflict or clash if you don’t proceed in a right manner.

So without worrying about the failures, let’s make a big step and be ready to turn your failures into success.

There is a reason to integrate ICO’s with exchanges

ICO’s are crowded with investors, and exchanges are crowded with traders, Connecting the different business people at one place can bring you a lot of financial benefits for your crypto business. Without any huge promotions or marketing, you will be found at the top, within a quick period of launch.

The benefits of setting up your exchange to function with ICO’s

1. You can get great influence from traders and as well as crypto investors, and you can easily convince investors to trade, and traders to invest on tokens.
2. 100% assurance for infinite number of transactions on your website.
3. You can help people to easily trade token with crypto’s and crypto’s with tokens
4. As you are proceeding two crypto businesses at one place, you can easily balance the business flow without any big struggles.
5. People will find you as a crypto supermarket since you are providing all crypto solutions at one place.
6. No need to spend too much time, and money to promote both the businesses
7. Unique business ideas always result in a great business model, so sure you will get a quick brand identity among your competitors.

The obstacles which you may need to overcome

1. As you are handling two different business transactions at one place, you have to enhance your security systems for both the business.
2. Your exchange website may become too slow as because of continuous transactions and user engagements. So you need to increase your website speed and optimize the server for the bulk number of visits.

Everything is okay, but how can you proceed ICO as a business in an exchange business?

ICO is a crowdfunding, which is to collect capital for your crypto project. In order to make it as a business, you can help business people to execute their ICO’s on your platform. By integrating ICO solution on your exchange, you can support business people to launch their ICO and can collect a percentage of amount as profit sharing, from the collected capital amount. for more information, you can contact the bitdeal team at any time.

Bitdeal for both ICO and cryptocurrency exchange businesses

Business people will always look forward to upgrading their business, so to feed their business ideas, bitdeal is now ready to make a new trial in cryptocurrency exchange services.Our team of experts can help you to customize your existing or new exchange to operate for initial coin offerings. Let’s make a big business with bitdeal.

If you are ready to try out a big business, Inquire a Free demo here!


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