Why bitcoin price often fluctuates?


Bitcoin the term now started to rule the entire finance industry. The success strategy behind the bitcoin growth is it fluctuates hugely with its price. Yes when compare to the last two year, bitcoin has gained 10x growth as of now,

For example see the below image


Why bitcoin price often falls and rises? 

Even though bitcoin gets popular all over the world, still some governments makes restriction over bitcoin trading. The common regulation which every government states it “Don’t use bitcoin for illicit activities”.

Whenever there is a new regulation on bitcoin announced, its affect the trade volume of bitcoin all over the world. so in order to attract and to manage the demand/supply, bitcoin industry makes changes over the bitcoin price.

Check out the article released by investopedia!

How exchanges could help people to trade bitcoin irrespective of its price?

The main reason that people refuse to trade with bitcoin is, “its increasing  price”, So in order to make people trade with bitcoin,  bitcoin industry often introduces a lot of contract system, and one of the significant contract system is bitcoin futures contract.

Bitcoin futures contract – A simple trick to manage risks in trading bitcoin!














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