The main reasons behind the sudden decline in bitcoin price!

Bitcoin-Price-Medium.pngDo you have any idea, behind what reason will be there behind this sudden change in bitcoin price?
Let me clear out the chances of occurrence,
1. Most of the international started to look out what is cryptocurrency and takes steps towards regulating the cryptocurrency transaction.
2. Some countries like China and Korea have entirely banned the cryptocurrency transactions.
3. And in the recent time, Indian finance ministry has left a statement on budget release. Which indicates that “The use of cryptocurrencies for financial crime and illegal activities should be banned” But the medias around the globe have misinterpreted the statement as like “India has banned cryptocurrency transaction“, it is not true.

Many exchanges in India are seems to be optimistic on cryptocurrency growth, and looks forward to integrate business prime features. what are those business prime features?

Check out the reference article here.



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