Don’t know what is actually happening in bitcoin industry!!!

Author : Aaron Cody



I don’t know what is actually happening in bitcoin industry!

On January 1 , 2017 – bitcoin price has reached 1000$ for the first time. In just a months of period bitcoin has been split up in to two namely  bitcoin, and bitcoin cash. In this same time a many  merchants in several countries were started to accept bitoin as a payment.

Hackers introduced ransome ware virus to the world, and demanded bitcoin as a payment to retrieve the lossed data.  This brings up the bitcoin to front stage, and everyone started to speak about bitcoin.

And finally before the bitcoin fork happens bitcoin has faced,  but people thought bitcoin could die, during the fork. But instead of that bitcoin has take a revenge, and restart its  journey along with the clone bitcoin cash.

Uffff!!!!… how much of changes ? But i really happy that whatever happens in bitcoin industry, it still in its peak level!

For those who looks for an better opportunity to start a business, they can consider bitcoin business , because no matter whatever happens in the bitcoin price, traders won’t tired to trade with bitcoin.

Take a look at this article it clearly explains about what are the profitable bitcoin business opportunities are there and how to make success in those business!









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