Top 5 bitcoin business opportunities to start now!


We know that bitcoin industry is an ocean of startup opportunities, so bitcoin entrepreneurs in blockchain industry are always get confused of what business to start now and they don’t know which is the profitable bitcoin business too ?

The people who have the same confusions can get some ideas here!

Lets discuss the top 5 bitcoin business opportunities  in descending order.


Bitcoin Gambling Business :

Bitcoin gambling allows people to acquire a lot of bitcoins, with simple efforts.  Just like other normal gambling, bitcion gambling also follows some specific rules, and criteria.

How to start this as a business ?
You can start doing bitcoin gambling business by setting up a website, and let the gamblers to play

Bitcoin Wallet Services:

Bitcoin wallets are the only storage which can store bitcoins and related data’s. So we can say that demand for bitcoin wallets will be always in high.   What people always looking for is , “Secured bitcoin wallets services providers”

How to start this as a business?
You can start doing this business by providing secured third party wallet services. Setup a website, and enable it as  a gateway for the people to get services from  you.

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Bitcoin Mining Business :

People out there thinks that, bitcoin mining is a very complex task to do.  but the fact is , it is the only business model which yields a billions of profit every year.

How to start this as a business?
If you have a bitcoin mining firm you can start doing this as  a business. if you don’t have  a bitcoin mining firm get a partnership with popular bitcoin mining  firms or else get accompanied with a pool of bitcoin miners.


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Number 2 PNG images free download_PNG14953 (1)Bitcoin Exchange Business :

Bitcoin exchange business is a traditional & highly profitable bitcoin business model, also it is the main reason for many bitcoins to be in circulation as of now. Whatever happens in bitcoin industry trading with bitcoin never goes down.

How to start this as a business ?
You can start doing this business by settting up a bitcoin trading website, and can collect commission from traders who involved in every successful trade.


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Initial coin offering:

This is a very hot business model in bitcoin industry right now. Because many startups has found that this is the best fund raising business model too. It operates based on a tokenized systems, which tends to serve for releasing new cryptocoin to the industry.

How to start this as a business ?
Set up a website, to start executing the ICO Campaigns, and traders to invest on cryptotokens.

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Hope you got some useful ideas about trending bitcoin business models. if you wan to get more consultancy about all these businesses, you can contact the bitdeal team at any time, and can ask free demo for any of your interested bitcoin business model.

Have a nice day!


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