Will Trump Take Action Over Bitoin and Crypto Community?

Donald Trump the president of America and currently this the one of the most controversial talks all over the globe. Yes, Trump is seen as a destabilizing international force because of his political stance.

Bitcoin is the only asset which will thrive after the trump’s win. January 20th, 2017,  marked as the day of Donald j.trump. There was a discussion about trump’s influence on the world economy,  and finally, we could result that bitcoin is the only thing which gained more traction.

Still, it is unclear about trump and his team’s actions over the other politcal issues. but there seems to be a general agreement in the crypto community that Whatever trump’s broader policies turn out,  bitcoin only stands to gain.

The main reason which makes the bitcoin enthusiasts hopeful is the trump presidency is happened by the bitcoin supporters peter this, and mick Mulvaney in his team. Thiel is a part of Trump’s transition team and his two of the contacts has shortlisted for the new head of FDA namely Jim O’Neil and Balaji Srinivasan.

Balaji Srinivasan is the CEO of 21.co also It is one of the best bitcoin startups so far.Mick Mulvaney has designated as the director of office and budget management under trump. he is more outspoken about bitcoin, and blockchain and consider as the representative of the crypto community.

So it is clear that the team of trump and his administration is more accepting of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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Reference : Coindesk

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