Time To Start Bitcoin Business!


Before  years there was a great invention happened and people started to call that as bitcoin. It was the beginning of the cryptocurrencies and becomes the end of fiat currencies. But there are a lot of people still don’t know about what is bitcoin ? & what is the benefit of it? . Also, bitcoin started to write its story in the world economic history & still it creating and breaking the historical records.

Bitcoin acceptance:

In china, people are started to use bitcoin, and trade with bitcoin. Countries like Uganda in east Africa also getting aware of bitcoins.

During the start of the year 2016 there were a lot number of merchants were started to accept bitcoin in Japan. A publication in Japan reports that there were over 4,200 bitcoin-accepting shops at the end of 2016. Rapid increase in bitcoin acceptance directly attributing the Japanese government to accept bitcoin as a money.

The cryptocurrency revolution didn’t leave the Russians also. Yes! Russia’s chain of fitness network nano fitness announced the acceptance of bitcoin as a payment.

In Nigeria over 10,000 merchants are started to accept bitcoin payments. In the second half of 2016 Nigerian currency naira has depreciated at 40% this cause the appetite of bitcoin among Nigerians. Nigeria is going to lead bitcoin adoption in Africa soon!

So we could conclude that lot of organization is aware of bitcoin and started to accept bitcoin as a payment. Sure the upcoming years will increase the growth of bitcoin usage!

Reference and source: Stop Dreaming! Start Doing Bitcoin Business!



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