So far bitcoins has faced a wonderful 2016. Bitcoin serves as a storage of value and medium of exchange .

Because of this specific reason bitcoins are the perfect option to send as a gift.
Yeah, there are a lot of possible ways are available there! Check out the details!

Make a perfect gift on this Christmas! Excite your loved ones!


Paper wallet!


A paper wallet is nothing but it is an offline storage. In general paper wallets just a printed papers  with private keys, and bitcoin addresses.  And this kind of wallets can often call as “physical wallets”. It contains all the relevant information about spending the bitcoins.
Each paper wallet having a QR code which can be  scan and store in software wallet. Is the source to get festive paper wallets.

Bitcoin – Gift Cards!

An another smart way to present as a gift to your  family and friends.
Here the buyer needs to fill an  order form on bitcoin gift card providing portals.
After the successful payment, gift card will be sent to specific mail address. Using the gift card the receiver can redeem it against the bitcoin at a current exchange rate.

Other interesting Bitcoin gifting options

  • Hardware wallets
  • Physical coins