Advantages of Cloud Mining!


Why Bitcoin cloud mining?

Bitcoin mining is a process in which BTC transactions are verified and added to block chain. Block chain is the source that is used to release new bitcoins and it keeps track of past Bitcoin transactions. An algorithm SHA 256 (Secure hashing algorithm ) which is used to validate all bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin mining is measured with hash power or hashes. The higher hash rate will increase the capacity of finding the next block in the block chain. The bitcoin network provides or releases new bitcoin to bitcoin miners in order to compensate their effort. A bitcoin miner can get more reward when he put more computing power.

In earlier days people used their own hardware like computer CPU and graphic cards to mine the bitcoins. But it was found to be a very slow process. Also, people used ASIC chips that are particularly prepared for bitcoin mining.

Cloud mining Is useful for people who don’t want to use their own hardware or software. In cloud mining, you can outsource your mining process in a place where electricity issues and other off-line issues won’t occurs.

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