5 Benefits of Cryptocurrencies


As the technology grows, everything in this digital world will get transformed into new forms, Hence the normal currency system has been changed into the digital form, we call this transformation as the cryptocurrency. If you look back through last two years we could see the growth of cryptocurrency and now its spreaded all over the world .

The highlight of bitcoin & cryptocurrencies is there is no third parties are authorized to handle your own money.Before going to discuss further advantage of cryptocurrency system, let’s have a look at what are all the current cryptocurrencies now available in marketplace.

After bitcoin, there are a lot of coins generated in different names , but none of them reached a significant place in cryptocurrency market. But Bitcoin does, still now the bitcoin is the superior than alt coins by its value. An average rate of bitcoin is as of the current market status is $700- $750 .

As by the February 2016 totally there is 21 million bitcoin are available and 15.2 million coins are in circulation. That is 72% bitcoins are available in the marketplace. And by a research we identified that there are 25 new bitcoins are mined for every 10 minutes around the world.


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