We can strongly accept that 2016 was a good year for bitcoin networks! And particularly in the last few weeks, It has a tremendous growth in value. Yeah! A report says bitcoin has crossed 750$ in Just two weeks, Isn’t a miracle!
It clearly proves that the bitcoin circulation has increased among people. And bitcoin started to cultivate credibility among its users. If the value surges like this in upcoming weeks then we are sure that the value will hit 1000$ in 2017.

I am not saying this as blindly. there are 5 factors behind this!
Let me list what are all those factors,

  • Growth in bitcoin usage
  • Bitcoin changed as an investment option
  • People are started to adopt with bitcoin
  • The bitcoin remittance has significant growth
  • Exchange and trading platforms are increased in count

Some tech savvies predicts that the above are the significant factors which can lead the bitcoin price to 1000$ in 2017.